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Assistant Professor Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology

Aman Parnami is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Design and New Media at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. He received a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a minor in Industrial Design (ID) from the Ubicomp Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. Before Ph.D., he has completed a Masters in HCI from the same institute and a dual degree in CSE from the IIT Bombay.

In addition to his academic experience, Aman has four years of industry experience related to HCI which includes internships, full time, and consultancy work. He interned at premier research labs in the USA such as the Natural Interaction Research lab at Microsoft Research and Mobile Computing Group at Intel Corporation leading cutting edge research culminating in patent applications related to low-cost multi-material 3D printing and context-aware interaction techniques. Aman also worked full time for two years as a Usability Analyst for a global bank leading to overhaul of 7 internal and customer facing web applications. Furthermore, as a design consultant for four start-ups, he has worked on mobile applications and platforms for education, food, and biomedical sectors.

Aman is an applied HCI researcher who researches, designs, prototypes, and builds complete wearable systems and tools involving novel sensing, form factor, and interactions for addressing unmet needs of underserved stakeholders. Though his work is domain agnostic, he is biased towards wearables, because they are obviously better suited for humans than previous generations of computing. He is currently teaching, for the first time in an Indian university, an introductory course on Wearable Computing where teams of students are actively researching and building wearables to target diverse domains with potential for the societal impact such as transportation services, chronic health conditions, child and women safety, sports coaching, etc.

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